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Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

Enrico Castiglione was born in Rome, Italy. On today’s international scenario he is considered one of the best-known and acclaimed musical theatre and video directors and set of his generation, as well as being the founder and artistic director of prestigious festivals and the tireless driving spirit of Italian musical life.

Castiglione’s style of direction is passionately realistic, characterized by a strong visual dimension of evident cinematographic inspiration, with stage sets always hallmarked by spectacular, surprising concepts.

Some of Castiglione’s most successful opera productions, which he also directed for television and cinema and which have been broadcast by international television networks and in the cinemas in the world, are also available in dvd and blu-ray format.


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Madama Butterfly (2016)

Greek Theatre of Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Filmed at Greek Theatre of Taormina
“Madama Butterfly” HYE MYUNG KANG

The Four Season - Le Quattro Stagioni (2001)

Great Thermae of Emperor Hadrian’s Villa, Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Rome, Italy

Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Season (Le Quattro Stagioni) from “Il cimento dell’armonia e…”

Rigoletto (2013)

Greek Theatre, Taormina (Italy)
Filmed at Greek Theatre of Taormina (Italy) with the cinematographic and stage direction of Enrico Castiglione
Enrico Castiglione Taormina Opera Collection DVD
E. Castiglione Taormina Opera Collection

All the Operas are also available in streaming subscription: subscribe to and you will be able to see the Operas directed by Maestro Enrico Castiglione…

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